7:00 am

I had another dream about you

and I really thought we were through

but you keep coming back in the night

sending me visions alight

and I’ve been trying to forget you

never looked at your picture,

never intended to call,

but in the early morning you come back

and I’m reliving it all

it’s hard to admit I wanted you so badly

but we couldn’t agree on what we wanted

so I begin to accept that things happen as intended

the universe shifts

and it hurts to even love you from afar

so I’ll learn to let your memory drift

till it’s nothing but a passing thought

a shooting star

by: R.J.



how desperately I love you hair

thick and tough, how it flips when you comb it back

anyone could have that, you know

And I love how you love adventure

many men are out there running

on mountain tops and leading companies

so that’s not special either

but maybe your sensitivity is a commodity

but maybe not, because there are better men then you,

Ones who would feel much deeper, be willing to express it too

sometimes I like how you can’t see tomorrow, it makes you so cool,

but it drives me crazy when the sunsets ; and you’re still talking about noon

and how the futures uncertain ; and I know you’re not prepared

whar position does that place me in?

One that’s frail and multilayered

where I’m wanting a promise , but you can’t even promise the hour

I’m giving it all up, all that I thought

If you’ve got a new girl, let her know I said good luck

because being with you

really fucking sucks

by: r.j.

a cup of joe

And all of my plans change,

but it’s probably for the best

Because  you finally turned away from me

without duress

After all the back and forth

I thought it meant you’d stay

but people want different things

and yours was to be away

it’s all done and gone now,

and I’m glad that it is

for the stress has been lifted

the scenarios throughly sifted

trying to find a way back to you

but you didn’t care about the future

and I cared too much

we’re clearly not a match

just another flash in the pan

I’ll think of you as I walk

and pour my cup of Joe

But I won’t wish you were with me

never would I do that to my soul



A Conversation

We talk about astrology

and the way the stars align

You speak to me about death

and how you hate when I cry

I tell you about my thoughts on love

and how it comes in many kinds

Then you remind me to remember

there’s one I forgot

the truest kind

I blush at the thought of true love

and wonder if you are mine

I change the subject

and tell you  your life path number is 11

You smile and say that’s all fake

whats real is people and connections

and how your heart tumbles and falls

when our hands meet

by: R.J.



Two sides

You know I love to be adored

but I can idolize you right back

i’ll stand at your feet,

be where ever you want to meet

but i can be mean too

harsh and blunt

forget you like we never even touched

by: R.J

A wedding

Marriage proposal at the club

another night for a nice girl

that’s marriage material

but if nice guys finish last

nice girls never start

they’re in their ivory towers

waiting for a prince to come

yet he’s always too late

by: r.j.


Another night at the club

another night without you

im so bored of this world

the violence and the fears

the darkness digs in deeper

yet all I can see is what’s lacking within me

i think I love the idea of you more than I love the actual man

but you’re so far away

I can’t see straight

can’t see if I’m missing out on something that could have been wonderful, great

by: r.j.

Without You

You’re the one I’m looking for

when I’m out at the club

kiss every man my fingertips touch

But none of them are you

theres a trace of you here and there

but you’re the one I want

you’re the light on the dance floor

the floor as it starts to shake

you’re the music and the beat

though how many crowds I turn over

i can never find you

by: R.J.

I swear

I think we could be together forever

in this crazy world for two

I can promise to love you for always

if you can say the same

we could stay together

through the sane and insane

the tides ebb and flow

and the world falls apart

in the night the stars align

and bring us all together as one

i want to walk alongside you

through the foggy air

deal with the ups and downs

I’m ready , I swear

by: r.j.


Happiness comes from acceptance

to let my control go

to know that I’m guided by a greater good

a greater God

brings peace to my soul

fighting the current

brings distress

floating with the breeze

brings ease

by: R.J.