Time Shift

Time changes things

I’m awake and you are too

You’re out at the club

A woman wrapped around you

I’m all alone

Weary face only lit by the moon

When I fall asleep you do as well

but you have company

I wipe my tears as they fell

on the pillowcase where someone used to be

This shift in time is too much for me

Because although the sunrise separates us

you’ll always be having fun

and I’ll always be waiting,

staring at the rising sun

wondering if when the morning begins

you’ll still care about

your lonely old friend

by: R.J.

My Guy

Sauntering down a cold road

With glassy eyes

He searches  the sky

And thinks of the heartbreak he’s faced

a tear down his cheek

Hands dig deeper into pockets

shoulders square

he walks to the bar

to forget everything

and pretend like tomorrow will be better

as long as he has four pints of beer

by: R.J.



Just Friends

What to do

keep the conversation going

have faith in you

end it now

while I’m still ahead

only faint scars to show

but you’re a prize

a winner in my eyes

i’ll let things go sour

I’d rather taste the bitter

then be proud, but know there could’ve been more

by: R.J.

Rather Be

I’d much rather have the guy

not the words

I’d rather have the happy ending

then a studio apartment alone

I’d rather be with him

then alone, somewhere I thought I would have rather been

I’d rather be with this man

because without him, nothing is as valuable

He paints the sky grey

and even when I’m happy

Clouds loom above

By: R.J.


Ship Ashore

We’re destined for an end

Because you’re unreliable

and I’m hopelessly jealous

There’s thousands of miles in between

There’s a ticking clock

Testing the limits of love lost

The world’s against

The prayers are mounting

There’s violence in the streets

and I just don’t know if everything can align

That we could be together

just you and me

By: R.J.

A Sad Memory

Remember when we took the train into the city by ourselves

and you spoke to me nervously about the present

and I worried in private about the future

you bought me a movie ticket

and grabbed my hands and looked me in the eye  and told me how happy you were to be there with me

and I wasn’t sure what to say

because i felt the same way

but I saw the cracks in the situation

and I knew if i jumped in, we’d both fall through

so I looked back at you and told you how much I liked you, which wasn’t true, I loved you

we went home and I was overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with love

and you wanted to stay with me

we kissed and you looked at me tenderly

could we be together,

a boyfriend and girlfriend, you asked

I was taken back

because I saw how we’d end

and I don’t wanna set myself up for heartbreak

so I stared , speechless

i wish I had spoken

by: R.J.

Compass to Home

I’m in a weird situation

where I love someone who I shouldn’t

he’s far away

hes not right for me

he might not even love me

he might not even be able to wait

he might not even understand

how much I love him

I’m in a bad situation

where my heart is always aching

because I opened the door to my right ventricle

and the blood is pouring through

and pushing him deeper inside

and I’ll have him inside forever

but soon he’ll leave my side

and the clouds will come again

my compass will break

God will be mad I chose to fall in love with someone so wrong

so he’ll cloud the skies

and I won’t be able to find my way home

by: R.J.

Nice girl

I remember I was out at the club

and a man I liked whispered in my ear

“You’re a nice girl, huh?”

i was taken back immediately

how did he know?

was it my shy disposition?

was it my desire to conversate?

was it just a guess?

or a sexy thing to whisper in a quiet woman’s ear?

i looked at him and smiled and nodded

“I try”

i said and turned away

nice girls never know how to escalate situations

sometimes I feel as though nice girls finish last in their twenties

but by 60 I’ll be fine

a nice husband and a paid off house

its hard being nice

by: R.J.