how desperately I love you hair

thick and tough, how it flips when you comb it back

anyone could have that, you know

And I love how you love adventure

many men are out there running

on mountain tops and leading companies

so that’s not special either

but maybe your sensitivity is a commodity

but maybe not, because there are better men then you,

Ones who would feel much deeper, be willing to express it too

sometimes I like how you can’t see tomorrow, it makes you so cool,

but it drives me crazy when the sunsets ; and you’re still talking about noon

and how the futures uncertain ; and I know you’re not prepared

whar position does that place me in?

One that’s frail and multilayered

where I’m wanting a promise , but you can’t even promise the hour

I’m giving it all up, all that I thought

If you’ve got a new girl, let her know I said good luck

because being with you

really fucking sucks

by: r.j.


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