A Sad Memory

Remember when we took the train into the city by ourselves

and you spoke to me nervously about the present

and I worried in private about the future

you bought me a movie ticket

and grabbed my hands and looked me in the eye  and told me how happy you were to be there with me

and I wasn’t sure what to say

because i felt the same way

but I saw the cracks in the situation

and I knew if i jumped in, we’d both fall through

so I looked back at you and told you how much I liked you, which wasn’t true, I loved you

we went home and I was overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with love

and you wanted to stay with me

we kissed and you looked at me tenderly

could we be together,

a boyfriend and girlfriend, you asked

I was taken back

because I saw how we’d end

and I don’t wanna set myself up for heartbreak

so I stared , speechless

i wish I had spoken

by: R.J.


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